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Our Love Craft Box includes a Valentine’s themed project, a Creative Challenge Bag, and an activity book, jam-packed with creative games and ideas!  This box is designed for ages 5-12, but may be enjoyed by younger kids with more support.

The Love Project Kit

The Love Craft Box includes an Essential Canvas Bag Kit with the following materials and tools: one canvas zip bag, one “LOVE” stencil, one paper plate/paint palette, 3 colors of fabric paint, one cardboard rectangle (to prevent bleeding during painting) and 2 pouncer brushes. First, decide on your stencil placement and paint colors, then paint! Gift your bag to someone you love. You simply can’t beat homemade gifts! Required time: 1 hour; Difficulty Level: medium. Since this kit includes all the materials, tools, and instructions that you need, you can make this craft anywhere! 

The Creative Challenge Bag

The Love Craft Box also contains a Creative Challenge bag filled with surprise materials. There are no rules or instructions in these bags. You are the artist, so you get to decide what to do!

Why Purchase This Box?

The Frosted Flamingo is here to create a seamless art experience, so no matter how much background or comfort you have with art, you can create something you’re proud of!

If you’re still deliberating…According to Maria Cramer from The New York Times: “Numerous studies show that art and music can help soothe chronic pain, stave off symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and accelerate brain development in young children.”

The Love Craft Box is part of our subscription series. Choose between a monthly Craft Box or a monthly Sensory Box, then decide if you’d like a 3-month, 6-month, or year long subscription. Browse subscription options here.

If you’re looking for other options, browse our shop for lots more options! We have projects for babies and toddlers, kids, and adults, and some of our projects are available in-person only.


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