As April is fast approaching, this short blog post is dedicated to “Spring Cleaning.” What do you need to hold onto in your life and what can you discard? Can you repurpose something old into something new? Is there a way to approach this process with less stress and more fun or creativity?

I am no Marie Kondo, but here are a few creative up-cycling ideas:

  • Take old fabric (with interesting patterns) and use it to make tambourines or a toddler fabric box.
  • If your Tupperware collection is getting out of control, use plastic containers to make lanterns or nebula jars.
  • Cut up old necklaces and repurpose the beads to make stretch cord bracelets or necklaces.
  • If your gift wrapping box is overflowing, use old ribbon and a cereal box to weave a placemat.
  • Extra plastic spoons taking up space in your silverware drawer? Use them to make maracas!
  • Got some white clothes with stains? Try your hand at tie dying!

Happy crafting and hope to see you soon!