When I first heard about the Corona Virus, I admittedly rolled my eyes. Statistically, the the “crisis” seemed overblown…until it started to spread. From China to Europe, to Seattle, and finally to Summit County. It became a pandemic, and universities, businesses, events, and public institutions closed their doors.

As a small business owner, the implications are real. The Frosted Flamingo has already canceled 2 events, and we will likely cancel more. While it is true that young, healthy people who become infected are very likely to recover, the same cannot be said for our elderly population, and members of our community with reduced immune systems. I am currently 6 months pregnant, and I am likely to contract this virus. Will I die? Probably not, but if I become infected, I will likely infect someone else, and that person will infect someone else.

We have an ethical responsibility to prevent the spread of this virus. That is not to say that we should lock our doors and cut off contact from the outside world, but we can  limit the spread of Covid-19 by acting with intention. My parents were scheduled to fly from Boston to Denver next week, and they have intelligently cancelled their trip. While this was initially very disappointing, I am increasingly proud of their decision.

Home Delivery DIY Craft Kits

Staying at home and dealing with cancellations can be frustrating and disheartening, but The Frosted Flamingo is here to help! Order a DIY craft kit to be delivered to your door. Choose anything from our year round projects, kids projects, or seasonal + holiday projects, and we’ll bring you the materials, tools, and instructions.

Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring.

Find more information on Home Deliveries here.

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