For me, this week has felt like a seismic shift. With the school year over, I have had much more time on my plate, and I have had ample opportunity to practice the art of doing nothing! I have been able to do the small chores around the house that I couldn’t prioritize until now. I have been able to exercise and be outside. I’ve enjoyed more time with my son and husband. I’ve had hours for myself. And best of all…I’ve had time to do nothing.

If you’re like me, you schedule everything on your calendar...grocery shopping, dates with friends, brushing teeth (just kidding)! But in all seriousness, sometimes it’s difficult to relax and to not have a plan. We are programmed to be busy and productive all the time, but doing nothing can have incredible benefits. It is when I am doing nothing that the most creative thoughts come into being. I am able to process decisions and think rationally, rather than compulsively. Doing nothing is excellent medicine, and instead of feeling guilty about doing nothing, we need to consider the art of doing nothing a necessary part of our routine, like eating or sleeping. Here’s an interesting article from Forbes Magazine on this topic. The article starts with this Confucius quotation: “Learning without reflection is a waste, reflection without learning is dangerous.” 

So…my challenge to you is to take 5 minutes and sit away from people and things. No people, no kids, no phone, no work! I’ll allow doodling, but that’s it! 🙂 It might be hard and it might feel uncomfortable, but the benefits of this self-care will outweigh the discomforts. Once you make the time for this, every day, let me know how it goes! I bet that you’ll be more productive, more creative, and happier as a result.

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