Kids' Birthday Parties


The Frosted Flamingo is the perfect option for birthday parties in Breckenridge or Summit County! Choose from a range of projects on our menu, or contact us for special requests. 

Package may include:

  • Choice of 1 or 2 menu options ( make selection prior to event)
  • Bags for guests to transport finished work
  • Facilitation and support with professional artist for up to 2 hours
  • Tables, chairs and awning (outdoor events only, May-October only)

Event Pricing 

Event pricing is largely determined by the number of participants, plus the length of the event.


Participant Sliding Price Scale:

  • 350+ participants: $5 per person
  • 100-350 participants: $7.50 per person 
  • 50-100 participants: $9 per person
  • 25-50 participants: $15 per person 
  • Under 25 participants: retail pricing applies ($15-$30 depending upon the chosen project). 


Labor is billed at $30 an hour per staff member. We recommend 1-5 staff per event depending upon the size of the event and the complexity of the project(s). Labor includes set up and cleanup time.


other optional charges:

  • equipment charge: for events in May-Oct, there is a $50 flat fee for use of tables, chairs, and the van/awning. For events during the ski season (Nov-April), the van and accompanying furniture is not available, so there is no additional charge.
  • mobile charge: for all mobile events (outside of The Art Spot), there is a $50 flat fee to cover transportation time and associated costs.
  • ArtSpot fee: for all events at the ArtSpot, a 30% fee applies (after the total cost of the event has been calculated). 

*Parental assistance required for children ages 1-4

*Additional fee applies to parties outside of Summit County ($1/per mile).