Our Team

The Frosted Flamingo
Owner and Founder

Becca Spiro

Becca Spiro is the owner and founder of The Frosted Flamingo. Becca grew up in a creative household, and she believes that art should be a shared experience, just like a delicious meal or an exciting vacation. Becca founded The Frosted Flamingo to bring joy and empowerment to people through creativity and artistic creation. The Frosted Flamingo provides children and adults with a rare hands-on experience—an opportunity to tap into your inner artist and make something that is uniquely yours.

Becca moved to Summit County to work for Breckenridge Ski Patrol, and she loves the outdoors just as much as she loves art. Becca holds a BA in Visual Art and Art History from Bowdoin College and an MA in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art.