Looking for wedding gifts and favors?

The Frosted Flamingo offers a variety of personalized, handmade options. Choose from etched wine glasses, leather koozies, wood coasters, hand-painted napkins, stamped metal jewelry, canvas pouches, lip balms, or sachets. Many gifts double as decor!  Purchase directly from our Etsy Shop or email becca@frostedflamingo.com for a price sheet and images.

Looking for reception entertainment? 

The Frosted Flamingo provides everything you need for a DIY accessory bar. Choose between flip-flops, flower crowns, sunglasses, headbands, or trucker hats. Email becca@frostedflamingo.com for a price sheet and more details. 

Looking for a bachelorette party activity?

 The Frosted Flamingo hosts DIY craft parties in the comfort of your home or hotel. Choose any craft from our menu. We’ll supply the materials, instructions, and professional staff. Click here for more information and pricing.