When the temperature starts to drop, it might be time for a wardrobe switch. Summer clothes get pushed aside and our closets fill with sweaters, scarves, and cozier options. In the midst of this transition, consider setting aside a couple items that you no longer wear, and using them for craft projects! Sure, you can always donate clothes, but you can’t beat the satisfaction of turning something old into something new. Here are 3 ideas for repurposing old clothes:

1). Monster Gloves or Finger Puppets: snip off the fingers, then glue or attach yarn, beads, buttons, or any other decorations you’d like! You can also use the snipped fingers to create finger puppets.

2). Patchwork Fabric Bowl: Create a beautiful decorative bowl using pieces of fabric. This is a simple project with gorgeous results, and works best with a range of patterns and colors.

3). Sharpie Tie-Dye: Avoid the mess of traditional tie-dye, and use sharpies and rubbing alcohol instead! Brighten up socks, t-shirts, or any other white piece of clothing.