A Few of My Favorite (Local) Visual Artists

I love learning about and meeting local artists. Sometimes they are easy to find and sometimes not! It’s important to know about and support these artists, because they directly and indirectly influence the vibrancy of our communities and the availability and depth of our creative resources. I recently learned that a few of my favorite small businesses have been forced into extinction, and that serves as an urgent reminder to continue supporting and celebrating the local makers and entrepreneurs we know and admire. Here is a snapshot of a few of my favorite local artists. Purchase their work, take their classes, and spread the word!

Explore the Works of Pamela Churman

Pamela started making beeswax candles many years ago as gifts for family and friends and it became a life long love affair with all things beeswax. Recently, Pamela was looking for a fun art activity that anyone could enjoy with little or no experience when she discovered acrylic pour painting. She and her daughter starting experimenting with the medium and were quickly hooked. When Pamela is not in her studio creating, she is either on the lake or in the woods or dancing at a live music event. She is a member of the Silverthorne Art Board and a co-owner and operator of the Sausage Queen food cart. She has three grown children and four amazing grandkids that she spends as much time with as possible.

Check out Erica Donaghy’s Beautiful Landscape Paintings

Erika started painting in 2017 after taking a watercolor workshop with friends and was immediately hooked. Making art changed the way that Erika saw the world; and allowed her to find greater appreciation in the beauty of the tiny details along the trail, and that is the feeling she hopes to give viewers through her work. While watercolor began her artistic journey, Erika also creates functional pottery, murals and teaches art classes.

Purchase Ingrid Davis’ Handmade Clothing and Accessories

Local artist Ingrid Davis, known as Kiki, is the founder, designer and maker of Simple Art Studio. Davis is from Guatemala and founded Simple Art Studio in 2021 as a way to work through depression and create art with others. Davis’ art interests include sewing, painting, drawing, sculpting, block printing and jewelry. Her husband Derrick also helps the Simple Art Studio on larger art pieces and woodworking projects. Simple Art Studio is inspired by the Davises multicultural family, with work reflecting their inclusive beliefs and culture.

Get inspired by Melissa Michel’s Sgraffito Pottery

Melissa Michel earned her BFA at the university of Tennessee Martin focusing in ceramics and has been working in clay for over 15 years. She has taught and worked in several ceramic studios across the nation, settling in Summit County and teaching at BCA. Melissa draws from traditional clay methods she has studied to create unique pieces that range from functional vessels to sculptural installations. Her use of sgraffito allows her to transform the clays surface into a language of mark making, pattern and texture to convey an illustrated meditation. She brings inspiration from Ancient Mexican art and North American Indian motifs, creating one of a kind pieces that reflect an occupied mind consumed by line and design.

Enjoy the Work of Woodworker Ben Whitmore

Ben Whitmore has been a carpenter, designer, and maker in the creative and theatrical spaces for 20 years. He was previously the Technical Director for Theatre SilCo where he honed his skills as a theatrical technician and artistic maker. Now he runs Bardic Mountain Workshop, his custom carpentry and woodworking business. Ben teaches woodworking and supervises the woodshop at the ArtSpot while also teaching classes and related skills to woodworkers of all skill levels. Outside of the woodshop, Ben enjoys board games, movies, and all things GEEK… especially Dungeons and Dragons! He has a YouTube channel called Peak D&D, dedicated to his love of D&D and being a geek in the mountains! Check out his website here.

Celebrate the Talent of Ceramic Artist Donna Causland

Causland is an accomplished porcelain artist and has worked in clay for over 50 years. She has completed various international artist residencies and sells her work at farmers markets, local stores and online. Donna’s business, The Glaze Spot, offers a wide variety of pottery forms for decorating, including cups, bowls and platters. Additional forms for children such as animal bowls and tea sets are also available, and the Glaze Spot is a great option for painting parties and more!

PS: If you don’t know where to start, check out The ArtSpot Makerspace in Silverthorne, Colorado. Some of the above artists have studios in this space, others teach classes here, and others simply sell their work.

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