5 Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

5 Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

Looking for ideas for bachelorette parties in Summit County? Here are a few alternatives to the standard bar-hopping routine:

1). Book The Frosted Flamingo for a customized crafting session. Get crafty with your ladies and choose 1 or 2 DIY projects from our pre-set menu, or contact us for special requests! We will also travel with our mobile art studio to your party!

2). Studio B Dance Center’s Bachelorette parties are a great way to spoil the bride-to-be in a fun, sassy and interactive way! The party is an hour long and consists of learning a sexy combination which can be done to the music of choice in either pole dance, burlesque, lap dance & striptease style, or any style the bride-to-be prefers!

3). Book a pontoon for a booze cruise on lake Dillon. It’s a gorgeous way to spend an afternoon.

4). Hike to one of the most beautiful spots in Summit County: The Spruce Creek trail to Mohawk Lakes. 

5). Get physical at Mountain Axe in Breckenridge!

Take this tips and your bachelorette party weekend will be one for the books!

The Art of Doing Nothing

The Art of Doing Nothing

For me, this week has felt like a seismic shift. With the school year over, I have had much more time on my plate, and I have had ample opportunity to practice the art of doing nothing! I have been able to do the small chores around the house that I couldn’t prioritize until now. I have been able to exercise and be outside. I’ve enjoyed more time with my son and husband. I’ve had hours for myself. And best of all…I’ve had time to do nothing.

If you’re like me, you schedule everything on your calendar...grocery shopping, dates with friends, brushing teeth (just kidding)! But in all seriousness, sometimes it’s difficult to relax and to not have a plan. We are programmed to be busy and productive all the time, but doing nothing can have incredible benefits. It is when I am doing nothing that the most creative thoughts come into being. I am able to process decisions and think rationally, rather than compulsively. Doing nothing is excellent medicine, and instead of feeling guilty about doing nothing, we need to consider the art of doing nothing a necessary part of our routine, like eating or sleeping. Here’s an interesting article from Forbes Magazine on this topic. The article starts with this Confucius quotation: “Learning without reflection is a waste, reflection without learning is dangerous.” 

So…my challenge to you is to take 5 minutes and sit away from people and things. No people, no kids, no phone, no work! I’ll allow doodling, but that’s it! 🙂 It might be hard and it might feel uncomfortable, but the benefits of this self-care will outweigh the discomforts. Once you make the time for this, every day, let me know how it goes! I bet that you’ll be more productive, more creative, and happier as a result.

A Creative Picnic

A Creative Picnic

If you’re ready for summer, clap once! If you’re ready for sandals, clap twice! If you are ready to spend time with friends and family, clap three times! Great…I’ve got your attention now! (See, I did learn some tricks in the classroom, after all)! June is a wonderful time to be in the mountains, and there are so many activities and events to choose from in the summer, it’s often hard to choose what to do! In addition to the Farmers’ Markets, outdoor concerts, family-friendly festivals, and art fairs, there is a never-ending list of outdoor options! If you’re feeling lost, check out our website calendar for Community Events like Bacon and Bourbon at Keystone! And if you’re already feeling overwhelmed, check out our Packaged Kits, and plan a contemplative creative picnic in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Remember, whether you’re rolling with friends or solo, art is always an option in the summertime, in the mountains. Hope to see you soon!


Spring Break!

Spring Break!

Who’s ready for Spring Break? Here in Summit County, we’re about to enjoy April vacation, and many families are headed out of town for warmer weather and a change from their regular routines. If you and your family are staying home over break, this post is dedicated to you, and regardless, you can save this post for future inspiration.

  • First, check out the newly renovated Mountain Top Explorium. This is a super fun option for kids as young as one! The museum has options for everyone, including: a crafting station, a costume trunk, a mini slide/wood-chip area, and fake snow!
  • Second, visit Wild and Free in Dillon. The Frosted Flamingo hosts Baby Bird Art at this incredible business, and similar to Mountain Top, you’ll find options for toddlers and older kids alike. My family favorites include: a cardboard box building station, a teepee, a play kitchen, a train track, and a canoe!
  • Third, splash in the pool at the Breckenridge Rec Center or The Silverthorne Rec Center. Both pools features giant slides to maximize fun.
  • Last but not least, visit the newly established Bluebird Market for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner! You’ll find options for everyone at this swanky food court!

And of course… It’s always a good time to order a craft kit from The Frosted Flamingo! Happy vacation!

Spring Cleaning 🌿

Spring Cleaning 🌿

As April is fast approaching, this short blog post is dedicated to “Spring Cleaning.” What do you need to hold onto in your life and what can you discard? Can you repurpose something old into something new? Is there a way to approach this process with less stress and more fun or creativity?

I am no Marie Kondo, but here are a few creative up-cycling ideas:

  • Take old fabric (with interesting patterns) and use it to make tambourines or a toddler fabric box.
  • If your Tupperware collection is getting out of control, use plastic containers to make lanterns or nebula jars.
  • Cut up old necklaces and repurpose the beads to make stretch cord bracelets or necklaces.
  • If your gift wrapping box is overflowing, use old ribbon and a cereal box to weave a placemat.
  • Extra plastic spoons taking up space in your silverware drawer? Use them to make maracas!
  • Got some white clothes with stains? Try your hand at tie dying!

Happy crafting and hope to see you soon!


It’s been a while!

It’s been a while!

Hi there! Apologies for the radio silence. The Frosted Flamingo is alive and well, and I am writing to share some business and personal updates!

Summer of 2022 was a great success. We were proud to host crafts at the following events/locations: Bacon and Bourbon, Wine and Jazz, Bluegrass and Beer, Oktoberfest, The Dillon Farmer’s Market, Baby Bird Art at Wild and Free, Building Hope, Silverthorne First Friday; Frisco Fun Club, The National Repertory Orchestra Family Concert, Gravity Haus, Broken Compass, Town of Dillon, Town of Breckenridge, and Mountain Top. We also hosted a large number of private events (including family reunions, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and more).

Starting in September, I took a part-time teaching job at Breckenridge Elementary and Upper Blue Elementary. I have been teaching Spanish to Kindergarten through 5th grade at both schools, and I am very grateful for the experience. While I will not be (classroom) teaching next year, it has been a pleasure to get to know more kids in Summit County, and I have been reminded that teachers are incredible superheroes. If you are reading this and you are a teacher, I cannot express enough gratitude for everything that you do. This year has reminded me that no one works harder than teachers!

This summer, you can find the Frosted Flamingo at the Keystone Festivals and Silverthorne First Fridays, and no matter where you live, you can order packaged kits (for all ages). If you don’t receive our newsletter, be sure to sign up through our website, or email becca@frostedflamingo.com to be added.

PS: the featured image is my son, Levi (now 20 months old)!