It’s hard to believe that the world has changed so much over the past two weeks. No matter what you do for work, where you live, or who you are, you are affected by COVID-19. Now more than ever, we must build our tolerance for adversity and uncertainty. It’s time to develop new routines and hobbies. We are presented with a unique opportunity to slow down, grow, and reflect.

Below are 2 resources that I have found helpful in these changing times.

1). “Conversations Menus” from The School of Life might provide some respite from only talking about COVID-19 in the coming days. Maybe something to use for virtual dinner gatherings with our loved ones we can’t currently see in person. This resource comes from my friend Arrington McCoy.

2). Eight Reasons to Embrace Shelter-in-Place (from my mom)

  •  You radically reduce your carbon footprint by not constantly driving or flying.
  • You get re-acquainted with pleasurable, generative activities that tend to get sidelined when your time is consumed by work, social engagements and charitable activities.
  • You (have the opportunity to) spend more time away from your desk, standing, walking and observing, being physically active rather than passively sitting.
  • Instead of monosyllabically texting, as a way of staying in touch with friends and family, you now have time to write letters and converse with them on the phone or via skype.
  • You are compelled to really look at and think about your surroundings– your home, the natural environment that surrounds you, your community, and your workspace– and decide whether they are what you want them to be; and if not, how you can change them for the better.
  • If you have children, and they are at home, you have the gift of spending real, uninterrupted quality time with them.
  • You have time to replenish your intellectual capital: reading, exploring, observing, questioning, learning.
  • You have time to think about and be grateful for all of the blessings life has conferred upon you.


Thanks for reading!

-Becca Spiro