Celebration Box



Who is the Celebration Sensory Box for?

Our Celebration Sensory Box is designed for ages 1-4, but older kids will enjoy this too! It is filled with thought-provoking fall-themed materials and tools, to engage and inspire. We guarantee this sensory box will keep your little one happy for long stretches, making your life easier!

Our Celebration Sensory Box includes the following materials and tools:

  • 1 plastic tub
  • 2 tubs of homemade play dough (2 oz each)
  • 3 sheets of colored film paper
  • 3 sparkly birthday candles
  • 1 dough spatula
  • 1 hexagon cookie cutter
  • 1 stretchy accordion tube
  • 1 party blower
  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • 8 notched craft sticks
  • 15 pom-poms
  • 5 large gems
  • 3 activity sheets (see below for more info)

Looking for a Long-Term Option? Check out our Sensory Box Subscriptions here!

$30.00/month for 12 months, $35/month for 6 months; $40/month for 3 months

Sensory Box Themes

  • January: Celebration
  • February: Love
  • March: Dino Exploration
  • April: April Showers and Spring Flowers
  • May: Creepy Crawlers
  • June: Baby Beach Bum
  • July: Independence Day
  • August: Under the Sea
  • September: Fall Harvest
  • October: Trick-or-Treat
  • November: Little Turkeys
  • December: Winter Wonderland

In addition to your monthly sensory box, our subscription service also includes the following activity sheets and a coupon for the Frosted Flamingo shop.

    • Can You Find these Objects?
    • Creative Play Ideas with Your Sensory Box
    • Creative Activity Sheet


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