If you’re ready for summer, clap once! If you’re ready for sandals, clap twice! If you are ready to spend time with friends and family, clap three times! Great…I’ve got your attention now! (See, I did learn some tricks in the classroom, after all)! June is a wonderful time to be in the mountains, and there are so many activities and events to choose from in the summer, it’s often hard to choose what to do! In addition to the Farmers’ Markets, outdoor concerts, family-friendly festivals, and art fairs, there is a never-ending list of outdoor options! If you’re feeling lost, check out our website calendar for Community Events like Bacon and Bourbon at Keystone! And if you’re already feeling overwhelmed, check out our Packaged Kits, and plan a contemplative creative picnic in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Remember, whether you’re rolling with friends or solo, art is always an option in the summertime, in the mountains. Hope to see you soon!


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